Lufthansa Aviation Training USA

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LAT USA now offers you a fast track to United Airlines.

Step 1

Work as a CFI for 18 months and 750hrs at LAT USA and build your flight time.

Step 2

Work at a United Express regional carrier for 24 months and 2,000hrs to gain Part 121 experience.

Step 3

Transition to United, no interview, just direct to the right seat of mainline!

Working for Lufthansa Aviation Training USA

"For the work you do here, the pay is great. So are the benefits. And they take care of us. We know that the planes and equipment are trustworthy.”

– Juergen, Safety Pilot

“I’ve worked for Lufthansa in Goodyear since 2007. Immediately I realized it was a good fit for me. I appreciate that the job allows for quality time with my family and friends as well as the reward of flying and teaching in a very structured program with motivated students.”

– Chris Snodgrass, Career Flight Instructor 


Typical 40-hour work week.

Limited to 6 hours of flight per day

Maintain your QOL


$42,000 Salary

$12,000 Sign on Bonus

$2,000 Relocation Bonus



Health Care

Vision and Dental Care

Paid Vacation and Sick Time

Airline Travel Benefits

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